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Hi! I have 1 theme bought from PS store and 1 from CTManager. I was scrolling to look for more good themes but the moment it was loading it stuck at 5/6 so pressed the PS botton and my vita froze, so what I did was do the safe mode and restart the system. I check the themes and they're gone. I downloaded the other one again and checked in settings, it has a duplicate and when I select it both of them are selected. Now when I uninstall them my theme from PS store also disappear. tried other themes to download but no problem but the theme from PS store still not there, unless I install the theme that duplicates in theme settings.

I'm in 3.67 h-encore btw.

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  1. Red Squirrel repo owner

    Probably a corruption of the app.db file, please try to go in recovery again and choose the “restore database” function (be careful that this will delete all the custom theme installed)

  2. David Godinez

    Do you mind checking on the Kimi No Na Wa theme? Is it me or the Ps4 links and the background color are default? What I mean about the background is that when you swipe to the next page, their’s a plane background before it will proceed to the apps… in my case, it's in default or it will copy the background of the first theme that you activated before the kimi no na wa theme

  3. Red Squirrel repo owner

    Yes the backgrounds colors have default values (you can check also via web analyzing the validation report, for every background it says that there is no custom value so the psvita will load the default one)

  4. David Godinez

    Thanks a lot! I though my vita could have problems after the incident. Wasn’t able to get back my theme from PSN before the rebuilding database thing, so I deleted it at ux0:theme/ and in the license. Don’t know if what I deleted was correct XD

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