Crash when when downloading list and theme thumbnails

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Just installed the app and when I click "Download and Install new custom theme from the online repository" it gets all the way to 5/6 steps complete before the screen goes black with a message popping up saying something that the Vita needs to be restarted and then the light on the Vita flashes green forever so i have to hold the button and reboot in safe mode.

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  1. Red Squirrel repo owner

    I just checked and it works flawlessy here for me, also the program does not receive an update since over a year (the last one was on September 2018 xD) so I really think it's a problem related to your specific console. The only thing I can suggest it to try to completely uninstall the CTM application and reinstall it from scratch, to remove active plugins (if any) and to restore the internal database from recovery menu, because maybe there is something wrongly configured or any file corruption that prevents the app from working properly. Check also the network functionality of your console

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