installing custom theme on partition other than UX0

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just wanna ask, is it really safe to switch the default partition for custom theme other than ux0?

Because last time when i'm on 3.68 H-encore, i tried to switch the default partition from ux0 to ur0.. it was fine for a moment, until i restarted the vita several times and re run H-encore, sometimes my vita encountered some random GPU crash while scrolling on the menu..

but, since i downgraded my vita to 3.65 Enso, while using sd2vita set as ux0, and Sony Memory Card set to uma0 i never tried to switch the default partition other than ux0 now, cz i'm afraid of crashing the gpu again

I wonder is it safe to switch it to uma0? to minimize storage usage on ux0

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  1. Red Squirrel repo owner

    The safest way to switch from a partition to another one is to uninstall the app (or deleting all the saved preview images) and start again from scratch, this way you will reduce to minimum eventual location errors (or loading issues) of the downloaded preview images. However I’m using the uma0 partition since years (on Enso) and no issue so far

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