Theme install appears successful but nothing changed after reboot

Issue #4 resolved
Tobias Müller created an issue

I tried to install the Theme "Blue XMB" ( ) and the message that it was installed successfully was shown. So I restarted my console and nothing changed. I did have this Theme before in 3.36 and would like to use it again.

I just recently updated to 3.60 and HENkaku, so my Database was rebuilt recently (during the update process).

If there is any more Info needed, let me know, I'll have an eye on this Issue.

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  1. Red Squirrel repo owner

    The installation of a Custom Theme does not imply that it will be applied automatically but simply that it will appear in the list of themes installed in your PSVita. To change your current theme you need to use the PSVita Settings menu.

    You can find a detailed tutorial here (the "Change the current theme on PSVita" tab)

  2. Tobias Müller reporter

    Oh my god, I'm dumb, sorry ^^ I guess I didn't drink enough coffee today, thanks. All working fine now ;)

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