Theme Installation Successful but No new theme in settings

Issue #5 resolved
Wasin Thongsongkrit created an issue

After download the new theme & installation is completed In the setting & theme, there is only default theme I tried to rebuild database & install the theme again and nothing changed what should I do ?

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  1. Red Squirrel repo owner

    Hello, you should provide more information please. For example, what custom theme are you trying to install? Did you try with other Custom Themes? Did you reboot the console after the installation? Did you have any official theme installed before? And above all, could you attach here your app.db file after the installation of the Custom Theme so as I can view if it wrote successfully in the DB? Thank you

  2. Red Squirrel repo owner

    You can find it at ur0:shell/db/app.db path. You can use MolecolarShell or VitaShell homebrew to get it via FTP or USB. I think it could be related to the fact you had no official theme installed, maybe in the DB there is not the table about Themes and since the program only write in that table (it does not create it) this could bring to an error while it writes in the DB (however it's weird that the app does not say it fails to write). Looking at your app.db file should take away all doubts

  3. Red Squirrel repo owner


    It seems that the two Custom Themes have been written correctly into the database, so it's not an issue related to the app itself. But this is not a good thing because now we should understand why they do not appear in the Theme & Backgrounds Settings menu xD

    I'll try to delete all my Custom Themes (and official ones) from my PSVita to try to reproduce the same issue, because theoretically I can not think of any other possible cause for this bug

  4. Red Squirrel repo owner


    I tried but unfortunatly it works like a charm here :(

    The only thing that I could suggest you is to download an official theme (any free) from the PSStore (we can still connect to PSN thank to Henkaku spoof for now) and see if even with official themes it gives you the same bug or not. And maybe installing an official theme will unlock you from this situation too, letting you to install also the custom ones then.

  5. Wasin Thongsongkrit reporter

    after install the official theme the downloaded them has appeared now thanks a lot

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