Online Repo, I can't connect to it for some reason

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Issue #7 resolved
Former user created an issue

Been wanting to use your ctm so bad, but i can't seem to connect to the repository for the life of me. Any input that may help?

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  1. Red Squirrel repo owner

    That's very weird, the repository is online and working. Did you have any firewall/tool that could prevent the PSVita to connect to the repository? And can you access the web version of the repository from your PC? (to be sure that is not blocked by your ISP for example)

  2. KaramazovQc

    This is weird i have the same issue but I can access the repository from my PC or the web browser of the Vita. I am using Enso and SD2vita.

  3. Red Squirrel repo owner

    What's the precise error message? And when you get it? As soon as you click on the repo menu?

  4. KaramazovQc

    I think found the issue. As I just migrated to SD2VITA I guess that some files from my initial install were migrated to the SD. Even doing an update with select button from the app was giving me an error message about not being able to access the files on the memory card. Once I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it the app is now working normally.

  5. Red Squirrel repo owner

    Thank you for the explanation, I have no SD adapter so I really don't know anything about those things for now xD This will be very useful for people with same issue in future ;)

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