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FRamzy created an issue

As i say in the title, when I want to download this manga http://www.mangaeden.com/en/en-manga/hammer-session/ , this error always show up, please help!!!

and I'm using v6.2.1 and I believe that is the newest version for this downloader.

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  1. Red Squirrel repo owner

    Hello, as the error message says it seems that the program can not connect to MangaEden. It should be a your network configuration issue because I just tried and here it loads the manga and its chapters without any issue:


    Please check you network configuration (PC or modem/router settings or any firewall/antivirus tool you're using in your network) and be sure that the program (and JAVA/JVM) can be able to connect correctly to internet

  2. FRamzy reporter

    How do I check if the program or the JAVA is connected on the internet ? because I already turn off my antivirus and firewall but it is no good, the error is still show up.

  3. Red Squirrel repo owner

    Unfortunately it depends on the configuration of your network and PC, the instructions to follow are not universal but they change depending for example on the model of the modem you are using, on your PC operating system, etc...

    One tip I can give you is to try first of all with another PC (if possible) in the same network so at least you can start to rule out that it is an issue related to a wrong configuration of the modem/router (or if it does not work even with another PC then you'll know that a your modem/router related issue, such as black/whitelisting or closed ports etc...)

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