Stuck on 'loading' now :( on every site (even tho i mostly use mangadex)

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Issue #106 resolved
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So like always after a few months i re-opened MangaDownloader and it said the usual about the 'new version' and i did what i usually do and go to the Downloads section here and get the 'latest' etc etc' , but this time after it loaded and i inputted a random mangadex url i noticed it is stuck on the animated 'loading' thingy... and then i tested some other sites and its the same :(

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  1. Leifman55

    Oh and i just did the “please enable the specific option in the Edit menu to save the log to file and try to download any manga, then please attach (or just paste its content) the jvm_log.txt file that the program should create in the same folder of its executable” that you wrote on some other issue that someone posted earlier about being stuck on loading, and this is what i got in that .txt log :

    Exception in thread "Thread-4" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at mainpackage.NewJFrame$
    at Source)

  2. Leifman55

    You’re welcome! I really used and use Manga downloader so much that i can’t stress how much i hope it can be fixed and i’d be able to use it again! as you just keep making it better and better! So Thank you.

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