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Issue #109 resolved
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No much to say. What about a "dark theme" setting for Manga Downloader, i.e. white background --> black background etc.? For some screens, it's better not to be' exposed too much to white. It's mainly an aesthetic thing though.

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  1. Red Squirrel repo owner

    v18 released, it adds support for JVM themes (it loads automatically all the themes installed, so if you want a specific one just install it by yourself and the program will load it in its list)

  2. zferry

    @Red Squirrel I don't understand ... There are no themes in the program folder, so I assume they are java themes? Except that if you search for "JVM Themes" you get ECLIPSE in Python dark. Do I have to create it myself?

    I apologize for the stupid question but I can't find anything on Google searching for JVM Themese dark.

  3. Red Squirrel repo owner

    Yes, for JVM themes I mean themes installed for all the java apps, not only specific to Manga Downloader. They need to be installed inside the JRE/JDK installation path (in the jre/lib/ext path if I remember correctly) and they will be available for all the JAVA apps running on that OS. About the Google searching issue, you should search for “Look and Feel” themes (or “Swing UI” themes), for example here there is a list of 3rd party themes (in the first answer, but please note that usually they are not free) https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3954616/java-look-and-feel-lf

  4. Red Squirrel repo owner

    I just discovered a very cool themes package ( https://github.com/JFormDesigner/FlatLaf ) that’s free to use and include also a couple of dark variants. The latest version has been released yesterday, so it's still actively developed (unlike many other themes out there). I think I’ll include it in next version so that you won’t have to install it manually

  5. zferry

    “Look and Feel”

    … LOL 😂

    I haven't heard that "term" for theme since 2007.

    Thank you for the tip and the links 👌💪

    I think I’ll include it in next version so that you won’t have to install it manually


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