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Hello! First of all, thank you for developing this software. It helps a lot. I'm not here to ask anything, but to give you some advice.

A lot of people are asking you for new websites to add. And I think it's just the beginning; this software is becoming very popular, and people asking for new websites will increase too. So, you should deal with it just as Tachiyomi (an android manga reader app) did: instead of making a new function for each site, they created functions that work according to the structures of the sites. For example: a function for FoolSlide-based sites; a function for My Manga Reader-CMS-based sites; a function for Wordpress-Manga-based sites, etc. This way, they don't need to add all the sites that use FoolSlide or the other two, since their app recognizes it and behaves accordingly. I think you should do something like that. Sites that use their own structures are very few and can be dealt with or just refused; but, if you added support for all FoolSlide-bases sites (for example), it would address a lot of requests and you wouldn't have to deal with them anymore.

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  1. Red Squirrel repo owner

    Well, there are already manga websites that share the same functions in the program (for example MangaEden ITA/ENG, Sensescans and Ramareader, or Tonarinoyj, Comicborder, Shonenmagazine and Kuragebunch). When websites have the same structure of course the program use the already existing functions. In any case the idea to support the most famous frameworks is really good, this will let to support many websites without the need to add them manually, I’ll try to implement it in next versions, thank you very much 👍

  2. Red Squirrel repo owner

    Indeed, if you can make me a list of the most famous (if there are other than the 3 you already mentioned, I mean Foolslide, Manga Reader and Wordpress) frameworks it would be very useful. It could seem weird but I do not know the online readers world very well since I don't read many manga ^^'

  3. Some guy

    Hm, let's see:

    1. FoolSlide v1: for example
    2. FoolSlide v2: for example
    3. My Manga Reader CMS: for example
    4. Wordpress Manga (I don't know the actual name): for example
    5. Most aggregators use an unnamed framework: for example; some scanlation groups use this one as well.
    6. Tonarinoyj-like sites. It's used by something close to 90% of Japanese manga sites

    These are the ones I would personally choose. There are other frameworks, but they're not worth the time; they're either modified versions of FoolSlide or the work of some pesky ones that think more about making the images hard to download than anything else.

  4. Red Squirrel repo owner

    v19 released, it add support for Foolslide, My Manga Reader CMS and Madara (Wordpress Manga) 👍

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