Too much requests - Mangadex will ban

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Issue #161 resolved
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It's actually a fix that would have been useful for the previous versions too.

Mangadex actually banned me for an hour a couple of times, because I hadn't set the time between each pages. The frequency that won't make them ban you is >= 3 seconds between each request. They will definitely ban you if you set it to 0 and probably if you set it to 1 or 2 (depending on the workload of the site). I know this because Tachiyomi had to add this too for exactly the same reason. So, it would be helpful if you added a line on the settings windows saying "Be aware! Some sites (e.g. Mangadex) may ban you if the interval between each page is too small. Set it to 3 seconds if you don't want any risks!" or something like that.

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