Still errors on pixiv even on latest version

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Former user created an issue

I still get errors on the version 46.5 on downloading chapters in pixiv.

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  1. Ren Grantz

    Hey, I’m the one who created the issue:

    Is this the log file you’re talking about?

    21:23:09: Getting pages list for chapter 第20話②...
    21:23:09: Error while getting pages list!

  2. Red Squirrel repo owner

    In the same folder where is the executable of the program there should be a TXT file named jvm_log.txt

  3. Ren Grantz

    Ah, this one:

    [Mon Jul 13 21:26:23 CST 2020] Program started.
    [Mon Jul 13 21:26:27 CST 2020] Loading manga from
    [Mon Jul 13 21:26:28 CST 2020] 52 chapters found.
    [Mon Jul 13 21:26:31 CST 2020] Download started for chapter ?19??
    [Mon Jul 13 21:26:32 CST 2020] Error: malformed final JSON, no data struct.
    [Mon Jul 13 21:26:41 CST 2020] Program closed.

  4. Red Squirrel repo owner

    Damn, it seems they changed their API oauth mode, it could require much time to discover again how they auth their API calls

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