Add numerical reading order, i.e. "001-*whatever*"

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Hi, thanks for making and maintaining the program!

This enhancement is proposed based on the following issue I encountered: When downloading the manga as shown in the images, the differently named parts are no longer in the original ordering.

If possible I'd like a way to force this ordering to exist.

My proposed solution would be to 'number' the chapters according to the site's ordering and then give the chapters selected for download respective numbering. This has the added benefit that when you download only a new chapter, it will be numbered accordingly due to using the site's ordering as a basis instead of just a name.

i.e. 001-Chapter 1.cbz ... 006-Chapter 6.cbz 007-Vol.1 Bonus Short Story... 008-Chapter 6.5.cbz 009-Chapter 7.cbz ...

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  1. Red Squirrel repo owner

    I was trying to implement this but I came to a dead end that does not allow me to implement such a feature (or at least I don't find a possible solution): specifically, each chapter added to the download list is managed as a separated download process, therefore assigning a number to it is something infeasible. I try to explain: if you add 2 chapters of a manga, then add 3 more from another manga, and then you go back to the first manga and add another 3 random chapters... now how does the program know that these new 3 chapters must be numbered based on the first 2 chapters added time ago? Or again, if you add the first chapter of a manga, then you add 2 from the middle and finally you add more from the end, then you go back to add new chapters from the middle... how does the program number them correctly now? xD it's really too messy and complicated to implement such a feature and I can't think of an efficient and effective way frankly, so I'm sorry but I have to trash this proposal :(

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