[MANGAREADER] Manga Reader dot net does not work

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Issue #433 closed
Étienne created an issue

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open program
  2. Paste in sample url, as shown in “supported websites”: https://www.mangareader.net/detective-conan
  3. “loading” message shows


Instead of being able to select chapters, no chapters show, and the title bar says “ERROR” for chapter selection?


[Thu Oct 01 21:26:35 PDT 2020] Program started.
[Thu Oct 01 21:27:59 PDT 2020] Loading manga from https://www.mangareader.net/detective-conan
[Thu Oct 01 21:28:00 PDT 2020] Error: no chapters found.
[Thu Oct 01 21:28:00 PDT 2020] 0 chapters found.

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