a bug of a decrypting a a chapter in https://tonarinoyj.jp/

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Issue #60 resolved
Former user created an issue

hi i see in this chapter that all images are glitshed, it seem that they arent decrypted well

you'll see the result in the attachement

here is the chapter


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  1. Red Squirrel repo owner

    It seems that the website does not encrypt all the chapters, this one is not encrypted on their server https://cdn-img.tonarinoyj.jp/public/original/10834108156641691807-d2412379c9daafde09a8cc6b39164b23. So the program, by going to decrypt it, actually does the exact opposite and encrypts it by itself xD

    In the next version I will insert an option into the new Extra menu to disable the decryption function by user choise (just like there is one now for Japscan)

  2. Red Squirrel repo owner

    v11 released, it adds an option into the Extra menu to disable the decryption of image files for Tonarinoyj too

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