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Red Squirrel repo owner created an issue

I created this issue to have a collection of all the your requests for support new manga websites. So please, from now on, do not create new issues only to request to support a new website but just add it as comment here below, thank you!

Remember: patrons requests get much higher priority! → https://www.patreon.com/redsquirrel87

Before commenting here below, please read (and follow) these basic 5 rules:

  1. Avoid commenting below unless it is for a request to add a new website (keep this topic clean!).
  2. No comments about when a request will be fulfilled or why it hasn't been implemented yet: there is no fixed ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for new websites support, a website could be added into the first next public release as well as after ten or more, it all depends on how fast and simple is to implement it and how much work it will take.
  3. No order will be followed in the implementation of the requested websites, so please don't complain that your request was prior to another one fullfilled. Priority will still be given to the websites that are easier/quicker to implement.
  4. Do not make requests for dozens of websites all together, a maximum of a couple of requests per user is ideal so that you can also allow other users to be able to see their requestes fulfilled instead of clogging up the list of works in progress by yourself alone.
  5. Try to make requests only for well known/established websites and, above all, that are aggregators of multiple manga: spend time to implement personal websites of groups of translators that disappear/go offline after a few months or websites of groups who post only 1 or 2 manga is an absurd waste of time and resources that could instead be dedicated to implement longer lasting websites or that contain many more manga, which would be much more useful for everyone!

Final note: when a request is added here into the work in progress list (or rejected) then the corresponding comment below will be deleted. This is to keep a tidy and easily readable topic.

Requests currently not compatible with the program and any generic framework (wip):

Requests rejected:

  • https://itascan.info
    Reason: the website already stated that it will close.
  • https://www.japscan.co
    Reason: they don’t want that their contents can be downloaded with the program.
  • https://dgtread.com
    Reason: they officially asked for it.
  • https://yaoimangaonline.com
    Reason: it does not seem to be a regular reader, there is no page for chapters list or even manga list… all the manga are simply piled up on the main page (which has over 300 pages), so the website has a structure that can not be supported by this program.
  • http://www.webcomicsapp.com
    Reason: they don’t let to view all the chapters of their manga from the website (they force to use their mobile app).

Comments (226)

  1. Meme Me
  2. FumaHD

    Sarebbe fantastico se potessi aggiungere https://newtoki85.com/

    faccio presente che questo sito non mantiene sempre lo stesso url, ogni tanto ne modificano la parte numerica.

    ad es. poco tempo fa era newtoki83, e ancora prima newtoki69, e cosi via.

    cmq in generale i vecchi link rimandano sempre in automatico al nuovo url, quindi non dovrebbe porre troppi problemi, basta implementarne uno e dovrebbe sempre andare presumo.

  3. gibifa6767

    Hi! Could you please add https://manga4life.com/

    i think its has the best quality and/or translations, they are high resolution, and official tankobon/tradepaperback

    When i download the webpage CTRL+S , there are simply PNG, and i can simply make a new archive containg them, so i dont know much about frameorks, though logically it would be quite easy to add this site to this program.

    Example Manga: https://manga4life.com/manga/Ajin

  4. Red Squirrel reporter

    There is already generic frameworks support (Wordpress included). You just need to select it in the input window (there is a combobox under the input URL field)

  5. Ryan Moore

    This downloader is great! could you please add support for https://hentai.cafe

    It would be greatly appreciated. Tried using the force framework function and nothing resulted except for the coreveiw framework which displayed selectable options but any download attempt ended in an error. please and thank you if you could add support for my requested website

  6. Red Squirrel reporter

    Nope, the program supports only “regular” websites (where manga have a chapters list), those two websites have a structure non compatible with the program (it’s more an album structure than chapters).

  7. Lady Gaki
  8. Red Squirrel reporter

    Mangakik has already been added to the development version, when it will be released you’ll can download from them. There are already more than 20 new websites (from the requests list of this page) supported in the upcoming version

  9. Red Squirrel reporter

    Don’t worry, some people have requested me even worse websites xD I’ll add it the next version

  10. 12

    Then I have some websites too.I dunno whether you will be able to add those.But I'll give their address.And I also dunno whether they are popular or not.

  11. Red Squirrel reporter

    Mangafreak and skymanga use Cloudflare protection that currently is not supported by the program. No problem for manga18, it will be supported in next version

  12. Abu Haseeb

    please add dubaiescortsgirls.me

    i think its has the best quality and/or translations, they are high resolution, and official tankobon/tradepaperback

    When i download the webpage CTRL+S , there are simply PNG, and i can simply make a new archive containg them, so i dont know much about frameorks, though logically it would be quite easy to add this site to this program.

  13. Red Squirrel reporter

    Please @Abu Haseeb stop spamming links to these websites, they have nothing to do with manga and so with this program

  14. Red Squirrel reporter

    Well, I gave a look to the new API system and finally everything is very precise and detailed in the documentation, they did a really good job. However, I notice that there is a problem for Manga Downloder now though: the API requests no longer work with the ID present in the URL of the web page of the manga but with an “uuid” that is not even present within the HTML code of their web page. So it is impossible at the moment to retrive the uuid from the corrispondent web page of the manga, you have to search for it from the API by doing a search by title (or other params), which often leads to more results. So, I should restructure how Manga Downloader takes the input from Mangadex, something like inserting a search panel for the manga from the API and give to the user the choice to pick the correct result. It will require some work

  15. Red Squirrel reporter

    Good to know, so maybe when their official website will be online there will be a way to get the uuid from the page and I will not have to reinvent the input method of the program xD

  16. Red Squirrel reporter

    @Luca Fasulo lilymanga is already compatible with the program, just use the Madara generic framework and force the anti-bot protection bypass method

  17. Red Squirrel reporter

    Thank you for reporting the thing, the nightly build now has a first basic support for Mangadex new website (still missing just a couple of things such as getting extra manga data for groups, views, etc… but they will come soon):

  18. Cedie Paltep

    Any chance that catmanga.org might be supported by the program?

    Every genetic framework that I tried results in an error or can’t get the chapter list

    Any suggestions?

  19. Red Squirrel reporter

    But the response is this, adding it to the requests list (this topic). When I start working on new sites support I come to this topic and take from the list

  20. Red Squirrel reporter

    Since apparently just adding them to the “todo” list is not enough for everyone 😅, I’ll say a couple of words about the latest requests;

    dynasty-scan and asurascans need dedicated support but they seem feasable.

    Blockmanga and s2manga use Madara framework, Blockmanga is already fully compatible with the program (by selecting the Madada framework at URL input screen), s2manga gives a SSL protocol_version error so it needs a fix.

  21. Red Squirrel reporter

    I just gave a quick look at kakaopage.co.id, unfortunatly I get this screen (which seems to be a login request) with every chapters (even the “gratis” ones):

    Manga Downloader can download only free public chapters, are there any chapters which does not require a login on that website?

  22. Niko Sasha

    About kakaopage.co.id website. The “gratis” one without a clock is free public chapters, people can see it without login. But, the “gratis” one with a clock is daily free ticket which people MUST login to the website (including the one without “gratis” tag).

    Pictures attached.

    The “gratis” tag with a clock besides it, it will prompt and direct you to login page and without clock won’t direct you.

    This one requires you to login because you must pay for the chapter.

  23. Red Squirrel reporter

    Well, I analyzed their website, they seems to use an API system to request chapters list and image. No problem to simulate it, the program can now acquire the chapters list and the pages links but there is a major issue: the pages are *.elf files with WEBP format e VP8 codec (at least from what they API response says):

    Frankly I don't have the slightest experience with ELF files in the WEBP format 😅, any of you know if there is a viewer for these type of images? Or do they need to be decrypted/converted? Because I tried to open the elf file directly with many images viewers apps but no one can open them, so I think they are encrypted

  24. Niko Sasha

    I usually download the images with Image Assistant Downloader, it can converts automatically to png. They need to be converted btw. Can you add converter build (or something like that) in the app?

  25. Red Squirrel reporter

    I think they need also to be decrypted before conversion, by analizying the downloded *.elf files they do not have any clear header (the blob diplayed on the website have a RIFF WEBPVP8 header), so there must be a decrypting/decoding function in the JS code of the page, otherwise the web browser should not be able to show them. But of course the JS script are all obfuscated, they really have no intention to make things easy for you 🤣
    It will require time and more efforts

  26. Niko Sasha

    Indeed! They don’t have intention to make downloading easy! When I tried to download from the app directly, it is compressed file with password🤣🤣 it would be great if you can add this website🥺🥺

    P.S. I truly have zero knowledge about this😭

  27. Red Squirrel reporter

    Well, it was supported (and technically it still would be) until a few days ago when they decided to raise the Clodflare protection to a level too high that at the moment it is not possible to bypass even using the extension via web browser (you can find more information about this in the issue #587 ). For now, therefore, the only solution (until a new method to bypass the new antibot protection will be found) is to use alternative sources, for example in #587 @Gustavo Cunha suggests to use https://manga4life.com/ which seems to be a mirror of Mangasee (without Cloudflare's antibot protection)

  28. Red Squirrel reporter

    The procedure is explained by the program when you try to load a Cloudflare protected website, you can also find a step by step video here https://youtu.be/UqZTx_sVZaI (it’s for Bato.to but the procedure is the same, for Toonily you can use the basic method without the need to force the protection)

  29. Ryan Moore

    I was having zero issues when downloading from the following website https://toonily.com/ but all of a sudden any downloads I try result in error files, even when rebooting the program, refresh the page or when I use the chrome extension to help bypass any protection. Is something wrong with my process or have they increased their security?

  30. Red Squirrel reporter

    Just a quick update to apologize for the delay of the new release but unfortunately from July 22 I do not have access to the PC where is the source code of the program because of internet issues and probably I will not have it before the end of August, so most likely the August release will skip to the September one (because even if I'll come back before the end of August I still will need some time to fix all the bugs and broken websites reports accumulated this month, so please don’t expect new websites additions in next release). Sorry for the inconvenience 🙏

  31. Red Squirrel reporter

    Yes, Batooto and Comiko (another bato.to mirror website) supports are already available in the nightly builds and so they will be in next public release too

  32. Red Squirrel reporter

    As said above it has been added in nightly builds which are Patreon subscribers esclusive. If you are not a Patreon subscriber you need to wait for next public free release

  33. Red Squirrel reporter

    It’s very simple, just visit https://www.patreon.com/redsquirrel87, choose your desired plan (each one with different rewards) and then add your Patreon account to the program with the specific function you can find in the “Extra” menu.

    However if you want to do it only for 1stkissmanga.io I suggest you to wait for now, I just checked it again after your report now and it seems they enabled a new cloudflare protection that can not be bypassed even using the web browser extension (it gives error 1020), so its support is currently broken even in the new nightly builds at this status

  34. Red Squirrel reporter

    Yes they do not seem to use Cloudflare so it should not be difficult to support them, I’ll try to add them in next version.

    About Manga18.club it uses Cloudflare now and the web browser extension can not bypass it (error 1020) so it’s officially broken until a new way to bypass this type of protections will be found. Thank you for reporting the issue

  35. Red Squirrel reporter

    They does not seem to use Cloudflare, so it should not be difficult to support them. I’ll try to add them in next version

  36. Stephan Charkaoui
  37. NightGlow

    mangaworld recently changed domain from mangaworld.io to mangaworld.in please can you support it again?

  38. Red Squirrel reporter

    Thank you for reporting the issue, I'll try to fix them in next version (I plan to release it next week)

  39. Johnny Dang

    Hi! Could you please add https://mangapk.com

    i think its has the best quality and/or translations, they are high resolution and official tankobon/tradepaperback

    When i download the webpage CTRL+S , there are simply PNG, and i can simply make a new archive containg them, so i dont know much about frameorks, though logically it would be quite easy to add this site to this program.

    Example Manga: https://mangapk.com/heat-and-run-1060

    Example Genres: https://mangapk.com/genres/romance

  40. Red Squirrel reporter

    Mangatoon is already compatible with the program, you have to use the web version instead of the app (the content is the same)

  41. Syed Abdul Rahman

    Instead of a new site, maybe a new feature instead; a staggered download option. If a check is enabled, it’ll download each chapter with X amount of seconds delay in between them, where X is an int that the user entered after checking the option (perhaps with a default of 5). It’s always safer to have such a thing since some sites will flag and ban IPs that make too many connections within a certain amount of time.

  42. Red Squirrel reporter

    There is already the ability to set a pause (even random between two values) betweeen pages downloads, you can set it in the program’s settings 😉

    Or do you mean a pause while adding chapters to the download queue?

  43. Syed Abdul Rahman

    Currently I believe there is a delay option between pages, but not between chapters. Though I guess there shouldn’t be an actual difference between the 2… I guess what’s already included does what I suggested anyway. :X

  44. Red Squirrel reporter

    Ah ok, you mean the second one then. It should not be too problematic to insert a new option to set a delay for the start of the download of the chapters, I will try to work on it for the next version 👍

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