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Issue #703 resolved
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Maybe I'm missing it, but when you use the bookmark library to check for new chapters, it includes chapters for all languages on mangadex, not just the one I want, English in this case. Is there not a setting to filter this? If I were to then click 'download all the new chapters' button, it's presumably going to download a bunch of chapters in languages I don't want. There is the language filter dropdown, but that's only after it's already found new chapters in other languages, not before.

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  1. Red Squirrel repo owner

    For now you can filter the languages only when downloading manually the new chapters (you can use the filter combobox below the list and the select all the chapters and add them to the download list). A way to set a filter for the “download all” button is currently under development but it still does not work. But don't worry it will definitely arrive in the next versions, I’m working on it

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