[CTRL][+] does not work on US keyboards - Other keyboard shortcut proposals

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Issue #98 resolved
Simone Spinozzi created an issue

Hi! Just changed PC the new one does not have an italian keyboard but a US one.

the key shortcut to adding the stuff to the download list does not work.

On this subject, to make the program easier to navigate via keyboard, have the last manga be selected when pressing F5 or at the start of the program, so that [CTRL]✓overwrites what is seen written, and allow people to presse [ENTER] at that point to start retrieving the chapters, also, allow for (or show what already is) a keyboard shortcut to start the download process.

Thank you for all your work.

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  1. Simone Spinozzi reporter

    ops… sorry i did not change the default setting where it’s set as a major bug. 🤦‍♂️ thanks for changing it 👍

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