[1.16.5] Client Desync

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Issue #104 new
WenXin2 created an issue

Minecraft v1.16.5
Forge v36.0.7
Effortless Building v2.22

While on my server in creative, I’ve noticed a client desync from the server the occurs most of the time. Sometimes the menu won’t change its selected options, but most of the time when I use any of the build modes to place blocks, they will be invisible until updated with a right-click.

Everytime that happens, I get this error in the log:


Also, there isn’t a building preview when using the Randomizer Bag.

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  1. Eliza Yamamoto

    I’m experiencing this issue as well. It’s making the mod unplayable for me unfortunately

  2. Alphakip

    I’ve also been having this issue. Very irritating when I want to use deepslate bricks for building. Seems to only affect modded blocks for some odd reason

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