[1.16.5] Using build modifiers, blocks get placed at an offset.

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Issue #111 new
Henry W created an issue

In survival, if I use the build modifiers, oftentimes all blocks except the first one get placed at the wrong place, one block offset in one direction. It doesn’t always happen, but roughly 30% of the time, so it makes the modifiers pretty unusable. This happens with all build modifiers. It seems, that this is related to the view angle when placing a block (if I don't rotate the player after it happens, it always happens again the same way.) Also if I want to place slabs, it places them both on the top and bottom and stairs are also rotated in different ways. I’d assume, that this has the same cause.

PS.: This doesn't happen when breaking blocks, only, when placing them.

I'm playing in 1.16.5 on MacOs Big Sur.

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