[1.16.5] Slabs only place from the bottom position in Floor mode.

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In Vanilla you can place Slab blocks at the top or bottom halves depending on the position you place it on. (ex. placing a slab at the top half of a block's side will result in the slab being in the top position.)

With Effortless Building, any attempt to replicate this functionality lead to the placement to only be on the bottom position. I was able to place it on the top half in Floor mode when placing a block above the intended position and starting the process from the bottom position of said block.

  1. Grab any slab block. (Spruce Plank Slab was being used in my situation.)
  2. Set build mode to Floor.
  3. Begin placing the slab at the top half of the block next to it.

I was playing in Creative mode with no build modifers turned on.

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