Additional Arrays - 2D and 3D

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L K created an issue

I would like to start out that this mod is amazin! It is seriously a quality of life changer and it takes out a lot of tedium (tagline is spot on, PLENTY of mods to destroy, mine,... but building helpers like this are few and far between.

// I was wondering if there could be a 2D or 3D array function. Currently if is 1D, which is still powerful enough. Is it possible to implement a (upgrade dependant?) feature that would allow us to create 2d or 3d arrays? Count: current, manually have to move to desired location Count2: 2d array, would repeat the 1d patter x amount Count3: 3d array, would repeat 1d and 2d patterns Y amount

Please check attached pictures for examples. I think they do a better job explaining what I mean than my rambling. Every state is after a single click

White wool - original functionality LBlue wool - 2d Array, can repeat original patter Lime wool - 3d Array, repeats previous 2 patterns

I hope that made sense...let me know please what you think! :)

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  1. Christian Knaapen repo owner

    I do plan on eventually adding functionality that allows you to have multiple arrays active at once. I want to do it in a way that also allows multiple mirrors at once (or any modifier). Like you have 3 buttons on the left: Add Mirror, Add Array, Add Radial Mirror. They would then be added to the active list. This would allow 2d and 3d arrays like you mentioned but will be more versatile and hopefully still be easy to understand.

    I do not know when this will be implemented, I also want to add additional options for buildmodes and port the entire mod to 1.13. I don't know in what order this will happen, so please be patient.

  2. L K reporter

    No rush, i am not demanding, but i thought it would be a fitting and amazing feature. In your own time. I do realize you have your personal life outside this. :)

    Thank you!

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