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Issue #29 resolved
Dimentive created an issue

I have the undo key bound to the default key binding (CTRL + Z), but it’s not working. When undoing, it plays the red animation but does not actually remove any of the blocks or give me any of the blocks back.

• Minecraft: 1.12.2 (duh)
• Forge: (latest for 1.12.2)
• Effortless Building: 2.7 (latest beta version)

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  1. Christian Knaapen repo owner

    Are you in survival? What blocks did you place? Please keep in mind if you are in creative, that undoing breaking of blocks is not (yet) supported, only placing.

  2. Dimentive reporter

    I’m in survival mode. I was placing stone blocks.

    I figured it out. I simply forgot that you can’t use Effortless Building to break blocks that can’t be broken by hand.

    I have a suggestion, though: Allow the player to undo any block, even blocks that can’t be destroyed by hand. Most people don’t build with dirt, sand, gravel, and similar blocks, so the undo feature is pretty useless in its current state. Also, it would be nice if blocks go directly into your inventory, without dropping, when you undo.

    I love your mod, by the way! It’s incredibly useful!

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