Vanishing Randomizer bag + Quick Replace not working in normal mode

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Issue #31 resolved
Leobreaker66 created an issue

If you open a Randomizer bag and put it into itself then close it, it just vanishes into the abyss... This could be a problem... Not really sure if this is the right place to post about this or if I should have made 2 separate issues. This could result in people losing valuable items. Edit: I'm trying to quick replace a block and it just doesn't work, in survival mode, it consumes the item but does not replace it. I've just been testing as writing this and quick replace works when on all modes except normal mode.

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  1. Leobreaker66 reporter

    Just realised the quick replace not working in normal mode is probably intentional as it's meant for normal building, but it does still consume the blocks which is probably an issue.

  2. Christian Knaapen repo owner

    Fixed in 2.8 by not being able to click on the randomizer bag anymore when its inventory is opened. QuickReplace in normal mode will be fixed eventually, I'm aware of it.

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