Screen becomes extremely dimmed when doing anything with the mod

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Issue #39 resolved
Artful Devotee created an issue

Just added this to my Stoneblock 2 world so that I can make placing staircases less excruciating but the second I try to do anything with the mod it suddenly dims my minecraft application akin to putting a black filter over the screen. I have tried this multiple times and it does it every time, with the only way to "fix" it is to close and restart my client every time.

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  1. Christian Knaapen repo owner

    Temporary workaround: set useShaders to false in the config. You can do this ingame by clicking ESC > Mod Options > Effortless Building Config > visuals > useShaders = false. I will continue to investigate.

  2. Christian Knaapen repo owner

    I cannot replicate this exactly, but I did fix a shader issue, so this is probably fixed as well. Try version 2.11, if it still occurs recreate this issue. Otherwise its considered fixed.

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