Client crash when placing /Dank/Null with building mode set to normal

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Issue #41 new
TheDeviantCrafter created an issue

Normally, right clicking with a /Dank/Null while looking at a block causes a single block to be placed. One of my playtesters attempted this and crashed. This created a crash loop that continues until he uninstalled Effortless Building from his client.

Crash log:

I’m using an outdated build of /Dank/Null. The last update has a gamebreaking bug that voids random items from its inventory, making it unusable. Hopefully it’s unrelated.

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  1. Christian Knaapen repo owner

    I cannot seem to replicate this crash. I did find a similar issue here:

    I tried different versions of dank/null, p455w0rdlib, different active buildmodes and modifiers, shiftclicking in and out different items, but I don’t get a crash.

    Can you replicate it and give me more detailed replication steps?

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