Randomizer Bag is Finicky

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Issue #51 new
WenXin2 created an issue

Minecraft v1.12.2

Forge v14.23.5.2838

Effortless Building v2.13

  • The Randomizer Bag will destroy some blocks that are placed. For example, I placed a 3x3 of cobblestone using the Wall mode, but it consumes 12 cobblestone even though only 9 is placed.
  • Blocks are also deleted if it fails to place it. For example, if I place 1 cobblestone inside the the bag, but also give it 16 granite, the cobblestone is used and disappears even if it didn’t get placed.
  • The bag will also use blocks not inside the bag. For example, if I place only 3 cobblestone in the bag, but place 20 in my inventory, it will use the cobblestone from my inventory if the cobblestone in the bag is used up.

This was all done in Survival.

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