[1.14.4] Radial menu unusable

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Issue #99 new
Manon B created an issue

I am consistently having the exact same issue as #74, except with 2.21. This problem occurs with the exact same context as #74.


  • Forge 28.2.23
  • Effortless Building 2.21

To reproduce (on my machine anyway):

  • Install forge 28.2.23, Effortless Building 2.21
  • Launch game
  • Create new singleplayer creative world
  • Hold Left alt, and try to click on any button

Comments (6)

  1. TheDeviantCrafter

    Confirmed on 2.22 for Minecraft 1.16.4 and Forge 35.1.37. Using the menu without clicking works fine. Left clicking causes the menu to rapidly click and flash.

  2. Ben

    Having the same problem on 1.16.5 with 2.29. None of the mouse buttons are usable. Updated from 1.12.2 and it worked in that version. Menu flickers and everything.

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