suzerain Build Procedure

0. Introduction

This document describes how to build Suzerain from source code on Unix-like
systems.  For information on the numerics, please see the model documents
under writeups/ that are built when a LaTeX installation is available.

1. Dependencies

The code depends upon the following libraries:

    1) GNU Scientific Library (GSL) from
    2) FFTW from compiled with MPI support
    3) Boost from
    4) Eigen from
    5) Apache Log4cxx from
    6) ESIO from

The following optional dependencies are recommended for full functionality:

    1) GRVY from
    2) SymPy from
    3) Antioch from
    4) underling from

2. Configuration

If you have no `configure' script in the top level directory, run `bootstrap'
to create one using GNU autoconf and automake.  Using bootstrap will require a
recent version of autoconf, automake, and pkg-config's pkg.m4 macros.

Before compiling suzerain, you need to run the provided `configure' script.
Generally, just `./configure' will work, but you may wish to provide more
parameters.  Run `./configure --help' for details.

3. Compilation

To compile suzerain after it has been configured, simply type 'make'.

After the compilation one or more ready-to-use executables should reside in the
src directory.  Related documentation will be built in the doc subdirectory.

4. Testing

Automated tests can be compiled and run using 'make check'.

5. Attribution

If you find Suzerain useful towards publishing research, please consider citing:

Rhys Ulerich.  Reducing Turbulence- and Transition-Driven Uncertainty in
Aerothermodynamic Heating Predictions for Blunt-Bodied Reentry Vehicles.  PhD
thesis, The University of Texas at Austin, 2014.