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Atmoduino was created to allow driving of up to 256 led channels using the FastSPI library, it basically allows you to create a proper Ambilight set.

When used with the "AtmoWin - Atmoduino mod" games/movies are supported, even modern games like Kingdoms of Amalur will work great but Windows Aero needs to be turned off for games.



  • Arduino connection to led strip needs to be grounded to any arduino 5V GND otherwise flickering/spooky stuff may happen
  • Consult FastSPI library or Adafruit pages on how to connect everything properly
  • Measure twice, cut once.
  • Depending on your settings you may need to change the default data rate (FastSPI_LED.setDataRate(0)), 0 = fastest .
  • Detailed explanation on channel configurations by Scorpie :