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* NEWER version of Atmowin software can be found here:

It has many enhancements and made by team of developers this time, it also has my Atmoduino protocol and there's also an revised version of Atmoduino (V2) but not sure what that one exactly improves as it's made by another developer.

Highly recommend using this new Atmowin version as it's much better and the team behind it put a lot of effort into it.



The Arduino - Atmoduino mod was created to allow the atomlight protocol to support up to 256 channels, basically allows you to create a proper Ambilight set.

All of the GUI text in Atmowin was translated to English so you don't need to learn German anymore...

Games support

Games are supported when using live view, even modern games like Kingdoms of Amalur will work great but Windows Aero needs to be turned off.

There are some exceptions like Supreme Commander in which it can't hook into DirectX/OpenGL but have only seen this is on a few rare titles, normally just use static atmolight colors with these games.

Mediacenter support

For Mediaportal there is the Atmolight plugin (see below) that controls when it needs to be turned on, it doesn't require GDI live capture (Aero can stay on) which is needed to avoid tearing.

XBMC is also supported but requires GDI live view and a remote button/key binding to manually toggle it on/off, there might be better solutions though.




  • Start AtmowinA.exe
  • Device -> Select "Atmoduino"
  • Select "Configure device" and select your Arduino COM port and set the number of leds
  • Set number of leds in zones top/left-right/bottom, the total of the zones should result in the same amount as set in the number of leds before.
  • Save/exit and restart Atmowin.
  • Select "Configure software adjustment" and set:

White balance software - On

Red/Green/Blue - 254

Gamma correction - Global

Global 0.5

Recommended settings for dynamic ambilight (smooth transitions)

  • Darkness limit 0
  • Filter threshold 67%
  • Filter smoothness 30%
  • Edge weighting 13 (depends on the screen size)

Known bugs

  • Off toggle via GUI itself only applied when closing GUI
  • There are some minor bugs which reside in the core of Atmowin, these might be fixed in the future but most likely won't bother you
  • Registry config saving doesn't like it when UAC is on, moving it to file based config(XML) will fix this (TODO)

License and stuff

This software is based on and all (if any) license restrictions apply to it.

Any modifcations made to Atmowin was done by Wolph (thank you!) and Beer Inc.