Costs for the different british biscuits is wrong

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Issue #14 resolved
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In the opitimizer, the cost for the british biscuits goes up by 100.00 tril after every british biscuit purchased. In the game, all of the british biscuits cost 99,999,999,999

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  1. Riikka Kalliomäki repo owner

    Note that when upgrade is not yet available to you, the cost and CPS Increase accounts for the upgrades or buildings required to obtain that upgrade. That gives you the best idea on whether buying everything required to buy that upgrade is worth it given your current situation. Because each biscuit requires the previous biscuits to be obtained, the combined cost of each biscuit is thus 100 trillion higher.

    However, there was actually a bug in accounting the cost of multiple required upgrades, if you had some, but not all of them. So the price might have been, in fact, incorrect. This has now been fixed, and I will mark this as resolved instead of invalid.

    (note that 100 trillion is due to rounding. The actual costs are 1 less than that, of course)

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