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Issue #17 resolved
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  1. In addition to adding the "required bank +1 to each object" you should have "required bank + best object". Most people buy their stuff one at a time.

  2. You should add the upgrades which are click dependent. The "big cookie" ones like "plastic mouse" and so forth are quite easy to calculate - just make an input for how many clicks per second the user is expecting and then you get a cps rating for them. To make it more accurate and to account for the golden cookie upgrades as well would be a lot more complicated but maybe interesting to model: the user can estimate what % of golden cookies he expects to catch, and when does he think he's going to click the big cookie (for example: "only during click frenzies").

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  1. Riikka Kalliomäki repo owner
    • changed status to open

    That's more like three suggestions. For the record, it's s good idea to write each suggestion in their own ticket, not all in one. Anyways...

    1. This has essentially been included in the Build Order tab. The "safely at" column tells how much bank you need to maintain current maximum frenzy lucky in addition to buying that purchase (and previous purchases in the build order list)
    2. Cookies per click calculation and possibility to define a clicks per second are on the to-do list.
    3. Having put thought into implementing golden cookie calculations, I've come to the conclusion that it has too many real world variables that affect it. This makes it relatively impossible to evaluate things like frenzy + lucky.
  2. Riikka Kalliomäki repo owner

    Setting this to resolved, as the cookies per click value has been implemented in 1.10 and the other suggestions have either been partially implemented or wont be implemented due to other difficulties.

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