Correcting the efficiency formula to account for available resources

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The efficiency formula you use is correct under assumption that you have no available cookies to spend on building/upgrades (either none in the bank or the reserve for the lucky golden cookies).

However, in some cases you get a lot of cookies at once which allow you to already purchase some of the buildings, and then the formula is incorrect, since it may be better at that time to get the more expensive building if it has a lower cost/delta.

Basically what you should do is correct the cost/cps part of your formula to (cost-funds)/delta where "funds" are the maximum between 0 and the available cookies to spend on buildings/upgrades (can either be calculated from the save file or entered manually).

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  1. Riikka Kalliomäki repo owner

    I will later list this in help page as a known flaw. The price/delta is already available in "cost" field, which can be used to evaluate purchases and the "increase" field can be used to determine the purchases that increase your CPS the most.

    I'm not saying your point is invalid, but it's rather pointless to implement. Everything depends on pretty much how fast you can make purchases. Everything breaks down when you have high CPS compared to the purchase costs, because it's actually better to buy the things that simply increase your CPS the most.

    Due to number of reasons, it's pretty pointless to try to track how many cookies the player has or try to model manual purchasing speed. I will write about things to consider when playing the game manually in the help page later on, but I do not feel there is additional value in trying to model them in the optimizer itself.

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