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Issue #21 wontfix
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You should make a calculation showing if it is valuable to sell a building.

Suppose you buy 240 cursors to get "Sextillion Fingers". Quite possibly it would make better sense to sell some of the cursors and buy other stuff instead. If the approximate time before this building is efficient (given that you buy buildings as soon as possible) is longer than the time it takes to cover the loss of cookies from selling the building by purchasing other buildings, then you should sell it.

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  1. Riikka Kalliomäki repo owner

    While your point and suggestion is valid, I will have to resort to just admitting that this is a "known flaw".

    Having thought a bit about this, I've come to the conclusion that providing this information is quite computationally intensive and calculating it each time something changes takes quite a lot of time.

  2. Damian Yerrick

    I don't see how it's so expensive. If something is less than 57.5% efficient, it's more efficient to sell and buy something else than to keep.

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