Wildly inaccurate total expenditures

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Issue #30 resolved
Former user created an issue

For some reason, the optimizer is giving me wildly incorrect values for how much I have spent on each building type, in the octillions and nonillions.

This bug also shows itself when calculating the total cost to purchase a locked building when more buildings are required to unlock it; with 215 cursors, the optimizer was giving a total price to get Sextillion Fingers upgrades in the 100 octillion range (instead of a couple dozen quadrillion as it should have been).

Because this only recently surfaced as of the holiday update, I suspect it may have to do with how the upgrade and building price reducing effects are calculated within the optimizer.

A screenshot is attached. The final column displays the bug.

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  1. Riikka Kalliomäki repo owner

    There was indeed a bug in the price calculation that appeared due to how the price reductions were calculated. It was rather silly and simple bug that probably appeared due to hurry in the implementation.

    Thank you for reporting this. I probably wouldn't have noticed it anytime soon otherwise. It has now been fixed.

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