Prices of Christmas Upgrades don't take into account Santa.

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The optimizer wants me to buy items like the Naughty List or Improved Jolliness. Sure, great. But these upgrades don't exist in a vacuum: they require upgrading Santa.

Problem is, each Santa upgrade costs more and more and the upgrade drops from him are random (excluding the last one). On a new game, buying the first 5 or 6 is manageable, but the cost steepens quickly. If you don't get the desired upgrade to drop then the cost of Upgrading Santa to get it makes it highly unprofitable.

I fear we're hitting another conundrum similar to the Halloween and Christmas Cookies.

I have a suggestion that would unfortunately require extra work on the site. Take the price of upgrading Santa, sum up the potential benefits of the upgrades and divide them by the remaining amount. Using this you can tell someone to "take your chance upgrading Santa". Ask them what upgrade they got then, and add it to the list.

Obviously this isn't a perfect solution, just one I though up in 5 minutes. I don't think leaving the upgrades in is a good idea, but removing them is also not a good idea.

PS: Santa's Dominion upgrade should cost 11,112,006,825,558,016 + 2,525,252,525,252,525 anyways, not just 2,525,252,525,252,525.

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