Santa upgrades should depend on A festive hat

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Issue #39 resolved
Damian Yerrick created an issue

The build order currently does not take into account the 12.5 quintillion cookie cost of earning the 5,000 heavenly chips in order to unlock "A festive hat". Currently the top eight purchases on my build order have "A festive hat" as a prerequisite, leaving me only three usable slots. Furthermore, the rest of the slots are filled with grandmas that aren't even the best purchase because it assumes the purchase of the "Naughty list" upgrade (which depends on "A festive hat"), which appears before the grandmas in the build order.

Please make the following upgrades depend on "A festive hat" and include the number of cookies to earn 5000 heavenly chips and switch to Christmas as part of the price of "A festive hat".

  • Santa's milk and cookies
  • Naughty list
  • Increased merriness
  • Improved jolliness
  • Santa's legacy
  • A lump of coal
  • An itchy sweater
  • Santa's dominion

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  1. Riikka Kalliomäki repo owner

    The upgrades are no longer included in the build order, as their purchase value is not properly determined as this point. They are also hidden from the upgrade list, unless you have 5000 or more heavenly chips. The issue with poor pricing model on the upgrade list still persists, however, but that's entirely another issue.

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