Calculated income value not consistent with game

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I am seeing a minor difference in value for a late-ish stage game.

Current milk 468%, HC 13,814, 240 Cursor, 150 Grandma, 125 Farm, 113 of everything else. All but one Christmas, 4 Halloween and 5 Valentine Cookies and with Covenant not active.

I see 46 925 972 135 110.4 @ 209 225% in optimiser, but 47,155,318,830,830.9 (multiplier : 210,248%) in game.

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  1. Riikka Kalliomäki repo owner
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    Have you tried importing your save? Is the CPS still incorrect even after importing? There are some values (namely the Santa level) that are only loaded from the imported save, which affect your CPS but cannot be manually set in the optimizer.

    If it is still incorrect after importing your save, please provide me with the save, so that I can take a look. Otherwise, I have no way to debug this issue.

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