Suggest to buy Prisms when not having enough

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Sorry about the title, I couldn't find anything better.

I do not know what produces this bug, but I have 97 Prisms and optimizer suggests me to buy Pure cosmic light (100 Prisms required) and also wants me to buy 101st Prism (even though I do not have 98, 99 or 100). Picture in Attachment explains more.

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  1. Riikka Kalliomäki repo owner

    This is a not a bug, it's a feature. The optimizer treats the upgrade and buildings required to buy it as a single purchase, i.e. it's telling you "Buy to the 100th prism and then the upgrade". Hence the 101th prism later down in the line. I've added the following clarification to the help page:

    Why is it telling me to buy an upgrade, even though I don't have enough buildings?

    The optimizer treats upgrades and the buildings (or upgrades) required to unlock that upgrade as a single purchase. In other words, when the optimizer suggests you to buy an upgrade that is still locked, it's telling you to buy the upgrade and any building (or upgrade) required to unlock it. Note that all the columns in the build order also account for the fact that buying the upgrade requires buying something else first.

  2. Nahoul Ciba

    Great tool by the way does the optimizer calculate the overall advantage of getting all the items prior to the upgrade. my build order's 1st entry is recommending Reverse cyclotrons then a bunch of prisms. i only have 94 anti matter condenser

    in the long run. is getting 6 new condensers and the upgrade better than getting the next prism?

  3. Riikka Kalliomäki repo owner

    Yeah. The way the calculations work is supposed to give you the highest CPS in shortest amount of time.

    So yeah, following the build order should get you more cookies in the long run.

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