Cookies per Click is (slightly) off.

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Issue #53 resolved
Former user created an issue

The cookies per click is off by a little less than 1 percent when one has both of the following upgrades:

"Santa's Helpers" "Cookie Egg"

My guess as to the reasoning why it is off is as follows:

Most upgrades add to a static multiplier. For example, two cookie upgrades which each give +5 pp increase together give 1 + .05 + .05 = 1.1 cookie production, assuming no other multiplier effects. Notably, they do not give (1.05)^2 = 1.1025.

However, these two upgrades do multiplicatively stack, instead of adding to a multiplier that buffs CpC. Therefore, when one has both upgrades, they get 1.1^2 = 1.21, or a 21% increase in CpC, and not an increase of 20% as would be the case if they added.

This makes the value of CpC off by 1.21 / 1.2, or about 0.83% lower than the true CpC should be. Adjusting the value given by the optimizer by this term yielded a CpC consistent with my true in-game value.

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  1. Riikka Kalliomäki repo owner

    Thank you for reporting this.

    I was actually aware of this issue and had already fixed it. I just forgot to upload the fix, it seems. So thank you for pointing it out.

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