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I've noticed with somewhat recent changes to the optimizer, that when I attempt to load a save into the optimizer, the page glitches out and tells me that I have a "Bad CSRF Token". I have consulted the help and FAQ sections of the site, and the only mentions of a CSRF Token are related to direct exportation from other websites, and since I am simply trying to click on the "Import Save" button and directly copy/paste my CC save into the dialog box, I am at a loss for what I should do to address this problem in the future. It seems that this problem is most prevalent when I try to immediately load a save after refreshing the page, since leaving the page on for too long yields other site errors (Error: Bad Page Request, I think) if I try to load a save after, say, a couple of hours have passed.

Any advice or suggestions for alleviating this issue, as while it is not a huge deal, it can be quite an annoyance.

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