"Safely at" changes not explained when it is for "lucky" and for "fenzy"+"lucky"

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Issue #73 new
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(cookie clicker v.1.0466)

The "Safely at" currently displays CpS*12000+13+[Cost of building]. Which is the maximum amount of cookies with just clicking "lucky" without "frenzy" (+ Cost of building).

Safely at for a "lucky" click during "frenzy" should be Cps*84000+13+[Cost of building]. (7 times the Cps)

Just before submitting I found out I hadn't clicked the "get lucky" upgrade. I wanted to suggest to change it with the achievements, and checked. So nicely done already. And it is kind of logically it works that way. The Upgrades that will not be in the "Build order" are easier to forget.

I suggest to briefly mention the change of the calculation of "Safely at" in relation with the achievements in the "help" tab.

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