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<chapter id="overview">
    <ulink url="">GUPnP</ulink> is a library for
    implementing both <ulink url="">UPnP</ulink> clients and
    services in C, using <ulink url="">GObject</ulink> and
    <ulink url="">LibSoup</ulink>.  It allows for
    fully asynchronous use without using threads and so cleanly integrates
    naturally into main-loop based applications, and supports all of the UPnP
    This documentation assumes some familiarity with the UPnP model and
    concepts.  If the reader doesn't have any prior understanding of UPnP, then
    we can recommend <ulink
    url=""><citetitle>UPnP Design By
    Example</citetitle></ulink> by Intel Press.  For a very basic overview of
    UPnP, see <glossterm linkend="device">Device</glossterm>, <glossterm
    linkend="service">Service</glossterm>, and <glossterm
    linkend="controlpoint">Control Point</glossterm> in the glossary.
    The canonical reference for UPnP is <citetitle>UPnP Device 
    Architecture</citetitle> by  
    <ulink url="">UPnP Forum</ulink>. GUPnP also 
    follows the <citetitle>DLNA Networked Device Interoperability 
    Guidelines</citetitle> by <ulink url="">Digital Living Network alliance</ulink>
    (to the extent that the guidelines are applicable to a UPnP protocol