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Rob Leachman  committed 5048a0f

Gotta clean up the home dir and move stuff to source, but it'll be a real pain now

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File DeadMother.py

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 from pygame.color import THECOLORS
 import enviro # my global game environment
-from FloatingSprite import FloatingSprite
+import Noise
 from Fighter import Fighter # for testing...
 from MotherShip import MotherShip # for testing...
 # stuff needed for init: 
+    enviro.soundEffect = []
+    enviro.soundEffect.append(Noise.load_sound('63068__radian__odd_trimmedAndReworked.wav'))
+    Noise.MOTHER_ENTERS = len(enviro.soundEffect) - 1 
     dramaBackground = pygame.image.load("dramaBackground.png")   
     fighterFile = "fighter.png"

File MotherShip.py

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 import Noise
 from FloatingSprite import FloatingSprite
 from AttackerStuff import *
-from Source import Bomb
 from DeadFighter import DeadFighter
 from Third_Party_Sources import gradients
+from Source import Bomb
 class MotherShip(pygame.sprite.Sprite):
     def __init__(self, image_file, fighterFleet, bomb_image):

File Source/__init__.py

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 # (I learned too late for this project about the need for this key file)
 from Tile import *
-from Bomb import *
+from Bomb import *