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  2. Pythentene


Classic arcade action for a new generation, Pythentene is
Super-Python-Enhanced Serpentine 2011! Battle for survival
across 25 levels like we did in the early 80's. You'll
pick up the gameplay quickly -- expect to have a hard
time putting it down!

This is a remake of the game Serpentine published on the 
Apple ][ by Broderbund in 1982.


Hit ESC in the game to switch between windowed and
fullscreen mode.

Configuration and score data is kept on your Unix system in a 
directory "~/.pythentene" and can be removed between games, 
in which case it will be recreated with default values at 
next startup. The game uses previously chosen values on 
restart so if something is wonky just remove 
$HOME/.pythentene/settings.dat and please let me know. 
I am callmerob@gmail.com

The game runs at 30 FPS up to 60FPS depending on the
performance of your system, and offers resolutions from
default 640x480 up to twice that, 1280x960. Timings are
kept in ~/.pythentene/settings.dat and are only measured
once (reuses previous timing data if present). Remove the
file to recalculate your performance.

More attention is needed to game speed; it doesn't play at
exactly the same rate on every computer yet. Difficulty
ramps up as the speed increases from moderate at level 1
to full-tilt at level 6. Adjust the speed with + and -
to your pleasing (slow it way down, crank out a crazy high
score, and tell me how awesome you are so I keep working
on this topic, ha).

Spotted a bug in the game? Just made an awesome move?
There's an instant replay feature that can be interesting.
Look for it on the pause menu -- and send me your great
replays (or examples with your bug reports, ha).

Game instructions are available from the pause screen, and
are also included in INSTRUCTIONS.txt for your convienence.
Additionally, please find and do the needful as required:
hg clone https://bitbucket.org/RobertLeachman/pythenteneassets


Remove the app source directory, and remove ~/.pythentene


I have a long list of people to thank (see in-game credits
from the pause screen for a full list). Key contributors:

*Spoonbill Software
Apple Serpentine - The Remake 2.1

Available upon request, I'm glad I did so because it
provided a handy view of the original game and really 
helped me out getting a Python version running. I cribbed
the original levels and also 5 of Spoonbill's Magnolia 
set. Thank you Ian Humphreys!


*Samuel Bauman
The Blender Master, he really rocked the house with his
3-D work, adds so much!

*Eric Scot Porter
Provided the music that sets such an excellent mood
for the game! All music copyright © 2011 Eric Scot Porter

Alien Landscapes

The State of Being
Alien Landscapes


*Warren D. and Carter Sande
Hello World: Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners

Provides a great way to get going with creating games with
Python and Pygame.


*Sound effects found at http://www.freesound.org and used
under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 license: