Thomas Waldmann committed 42b5d70

require emeraldtree 0.9.2, fixes #192

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         # fixed flask-themes, 0.1.3 does not work for flask 0.8.x, thus we use a faked
-        '',
+        '',
         'blinker>=1.1', # event signalling (e.g. for change notification trigger)
         'Flask-Cache>=0.3.4', # caching support
         'Flask-Script>=0.3.3', # scripting support
         'Flask-Themes>=', # theme support
-        'emeraldtree>=0.9.1', # xml processing
+        'emeraldtree>=0.9.2', # xml processing
         'flatland==dev', # repo checkout at revision 269:6c5d262d7eff works
         'Jinja2>=2.6', # template engine
         'pygments>=1.4', # src code / text file highlighting
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