moin-2.0 / MoinMoin / mail /

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     :rtype: tuple
     :returns: (is_ok, Description of error or OK message)
     cfg = app.cfg
     mail_from = mail_from or cfg.mail_from
     if not to and not cc and not bcc:
         return (1, _("No recipients, nothing to do"))
     # Create a text/plain body using CRLF (see RFC2822)
     text = text.replace(u'\n', u'\r\n')
     # Send the message
     if app.on_gae:
                 msg['BCC'] = ','.join(bcc)
             # Set Return-Path so that it isn't set (generally incorrectly) for us.
             msg['Return-Path'] = address
         if not cfg.mail_sendmail:
                 logging.debug("trying to send mail (smtp) via smtp server '{0}'".format(cfg.mail_smarthost))
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