Roger Haase (RogerHaase)

Roger Haase
5aeeb1c fix traceback in moin item-put due to lineno attr missing
bc0f43f merged
5099cf7 Removed HTML validation errors in index page in basic theme by giving space between attributes and removing unnecessary name tags.
011a118 Improved the Index GUI using bootstrap classes in the basic theme. Used navbar to show actions instead of the previous list. Fixed the popup for ...
9645576 Added common.css for adding css definitions common to all themes. Also removed pygments_default.css files rendered useless due to importing pygments css from pygments xstatic package.
Roger Haase ·
Roger Haase
eb7e3ca mediawiki parser fixes: prevent traceback; remove ##-style comment; replaced span text-decoration with s, del, u, and ins tags
647ee04 Added XStatic.JQuery.TableSorter plugin in +tickets view
f5bd3a0 cleanup- ran ./m coding-std and ./m css
1a3f0d0 merged
8f93193 Added +tickets view having list of tickets
Roger Haase ·
Roger Haase
93789e1 enhance media support, add mp4 video, mp3 audio, fix wav and webm audio
600a9b4 merged
085033a Fixes issue #73 in sharky's repo - Sidebar too large in basic theme. Reduced the padding of the divs in the sidebar from 10px to ...
Roger Haase ·