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Roger Kratz  committed 68aec65

buildrelease now don't create docs + some better output

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File Src/Build/buildRelease.bat

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 set configuration=Release
 echo Before creating a release, remember to...
+echo * Close and create a new release on JIRA
 echo * Update release notes
-echo * Update version number in docs
 echo Installing msbuildtasks to %PackageFolder%. Please wait...
 echo * Tag current changeset with version %nugetversion%
 echo * Push changes (tag) to server repo
 echo * Push nuget package to nuget server (and symbol server)
+echo * Update version number on docs
 echo * Push new docs to docs repo

File Src/Build/default.msbuild

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 		<AssemblyVersionFiles Include="$(SourceDir)\NHibernate.Envers\Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs"/>
-	<Target Name="BuildRelease" DependsOnTargets="RunHtmlBuild;RunBuild;nuget;CopyNuget">
+	<Target Name="BuildRelease" DependsOnTargets="RunBuild;nuget;CopyNuget">
 		<RemoveDir Directories="$(TempDirectory)"/>
 		<RemoveDir Directories="$(DeployFolder)" />
 		<MakeDir Directories="$(DeployFolder)" />
 		<MakeDir Directories="$(TempDirectory)"/>
-		<MakeDir Directories="$(DeployHtmlFolder)"/>
 	<Target Name="UpdateAssemblyInfos">
 	<Target Name="RunHtmlBuild" DependsOnTargets="MakeBuildDirectory">
+		<MakeDir Directories="$(DeployHtmlFolder)"/>
 		<exec command="java -classpath $(ClassPath) com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet -o $(DeployHtmlFolder)\index.html $(DocReferencePath)\master.xml $(DocReferencePath)\styles\html.xsl"